'This is not a pub. This is not a crowd. This is a mob. It's a box of drunken confessionals.'

Confessionals is reflexive solo performance, combining contemporary spoken word with traditional theatre. A coming of age character piece, it tells the story of a shift in an East End boozer, where a young barmaid encounters the devastating consequences of a society riven by poverty, sectarianism and domestic violence. Through the inner city strife she finds her power in activism, hope and raw human potential.

Written and performed by Victoria McNulty, with original music from Abi Normal, Confessionals challenges the stereotypes of working class Scotland and asks who is to blame for a society cleaved in two.

Produced by Sonnet Youth
Written and Performed by Victoria McNulty
Directed by Kevin P. Gilday and Cat Hepburn
with Original Music by Abi Normal

‘McNulty’s debut full-length work speaks plainly without tub-thumping, and is all the more powerful for it.’
**** The Herald

is about growth and looking to the future without forgetting your past, even if that past is filled with strife, hardship and struggle.’
**** The Wee Review