Kevin P. Gilday & The Glasgow Cross is a collaboration between award winning spoken word artist Kevin P. Gilday and multi-instrumentalist Ralph Hector.

Their debut album, Experience Essential, was recorded between 4MH Studios, Clydeside; Green Door Studios, Glasgow and HCTS Studios, Barcelona throughout 2017. It was released on Iffy Folk Records (Glasgow) and Nymphs & Thugs Records (London) in June of 2018.

Marrying contemporary spoken word to an array of post punk, kraut and electronica; the album foregrounds an uncompromising new voice amid dynamic compositions. With a lyrical style alternating between witty wordplay and stark confessionals, the album delves into the crushing absurdity of modern living – at once painfully personal and achingly universal.

You can listen to The Glasgow Cross on Bandcamp, Spotify and Soundcloud.

Experience Essential sees spoken word artist Gilday deliver a series of vocally driven and authoritative songs that are presented with powerful and inventive backing tracks. The album fully showcases the vitality of the poet’s words and presents a new and fresh way to experience spoken word poetry.’
The Wee Review

‘One of the strangest albums you’re ever likely to hear.’

‘Hector’s musical contribution, unexpectedly euphoric at points, adds an exciting new dimension to Gilday’s already well-established down-in-the-gutter narratives: keep your ears pricked up for what The Glasgow Cross have to offer next.’