Across one night. Across one city. Several conversations take place. A husband and wife. A mother and son. Colleagues. Friends. Strangers.

All drawn together by one bizarre, sexually charged hobby - the desire to see a car crash up close in its aftermath. But what are the motives for this grim predilection and who is the shadowy figure controlling the online forum in which these lost souls congregate?

Rubberneckers is a tightly wound tableau of interconnecting two handers that unveils the story of lonely individuals connected by one unnatural obsession.

Performed as a short at the Tron Theatre, Tron 100 Festival, 2016.

Shortlisted for Scottish Short Play of the Year Award 2015. Subsequently workshopped at the Citizens Theatre.

Written by Kevin P. Gilday
Directed by George Docherty
Hazel Ann Crawford as Karen
Paul Kozinski as Phil