The Man Who Loved Beer

Part spoken word performance, part drunken monologue - 'The Man Who Loved Beer' dissects a life experienced through the haze of casual alcoholism with all the riotous nights out, sexual misadventures and profuse vomiting that entails. Oh and the fear, don't forget the fear.

Performances at Edinburgh Fringe 2014, Scottish Tour 2014 and Toronto Fringe 2015

Poetry collection of the same name published by Rhyming Optional Press in 2015. Artwork by weaam Sperinck. Can be bought HERE.

Recording of live performance at The Old Hairdresser’s, 19/01/2015 - Audio, Video

'This was something special, unusual. There is a quiet, unusual talent burgeoning here...go and witness it for yourself.'
**** Ed Fringe Review

‘The audience were absolutely held in the story throughout.’
Glasgow Guardian

‘With an earnest delivery and thorough commitment, Kevin P. Gilday has created a show that holds its own unique place in the Fringe schedule. Those who love evocative language, cutting humour, and a creative approach to storytelling will quite appreciate this show.’
Mooney on Theatre (Toronto)