The Three Gospels of Jimmy Reid

1971 - Jimmy Reid addresses the workers of the UCS and kick-starts one of the most famous, and successful, instances of trade union action in British history. 1972 - Jimmy Reid gives his famous ‘Rat Race’ speech as newly elected Rector of Glasgow University. 2007 - Jimmy Reid stares at a portrait of his younger self at the People’s Palace and wonders if it’s all been worth it, before regaling the invited dignitaries at its unveiling.

Three speeches. Three pivotal moments in the life of a divisive and controversial man. Three gospels from the pulpit of Jimmy Reid. The Three Gospels… looks at the stories behind the scenes of these three momentous oratories. Dramatizing the personal strife, ego and self-doubt in the minutes before each of these famous speeches.

The Three Gospels of Jimmy Reid is a biographical play that delves behind the scenes of three famous moments in the career of Jimmy Reid, and in doing so tells a story of struggle, ego, solidarity and division – the story of one of Scotland’s most complex political voices of the modern era.

Created on attachment with National Theatre of Scotland as their Breakthrough Writer for 2018. Now in development with Fair Pley Productions.